At NeuroScouting, we develop advanced applications and training technologies leading the way for neuroscience based interventions.  Our technology interfaces with the brain systems that are required for elite performance and also those that are compromised in populations impacted with neuro-developmental and neurological disorders.


NeuroScouting is led by neuroscientists Dr. Wesley Clapp and Dr. Brian Miller. Their passion for sports and healthcare along with deep knowledge of neurological systems influenced their research into the brain and technologies that could interface to improve performance in the day to day lives of its users. Working from a simple prototype, they were able to build out the foundation for what would later evolve into cutting edge technology for neurological assessment and training. Over the last decade, NeuroScouting has collected, analyzed, and cataloged comprehensive neural metrics from tens of thousands of professional athletes and has been awarded multiple NIH grants for ongoing work in healthcare.

Beyond the founders, NeuroScouting is driven by a team of cutting-edge computer scientists, video game developers, artists, data analysts and bio-engineers. While that group builds the underlying technology, the board of directors and scientific advisory board help maintain the vision of the company's growth.




NeuroScouting deploys software technology that utilizes a ‘measure-then-train’ approach combining sensitive diagnostic metrics with individualized simulation-based training modules to target a player's specific weakness area and push them to improve at these core skills. Each player is run through a diagnostic session which creates a neural profile for the player that can be used in decision making at the Player Development level (e.g. for promotion to more advanced competition). Furthermore this guides the individualized simulation-based training platform in which each training session adapts difficulty level on-the-fly and continues to evolve with the player over the years as they further hone their skills at the highest levels.

Each of the demands are designed scientifically to push the targeted neural system right at the processing capability of the individual player. The technology allows the players to take “reps” that are not only individualized to them, but also drive meaningful neural change with no wear and tear on the body.





NeuroScouting also has a deep passion for helping individuals with compromised neurological function. The team has been awarded multiple NIH grants to develop software technologies that are non-pharmacological interventions for patients with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and patients recovering from mild traumatic brain injury (e.g. concussion).  These R&D efforts continue to push these frontiers with the aim of introducing these alternative solutions to multiple patient groups over the coming years. 


NeuroScouting partners with different hospitals, physical rehabilitation centers and research labs both domestically and internationally in order to conduct our studies and further expand our impact in the medical care field.  NeuroScouting's healthcare platform could be applied to a number of different neurological disorders. Please contact us about possible collaborative relationships.

Although an athlete may excel physically in their respective sport, it is incredibly challenging to predict whether or not he/she will excel with the neural processing required to maximize those physical tools in the face of intense read-and-react contexts at the elite level. Combining its advanced diagnostic platform and deep data analysis exploring relationships with on-field statistics over several years, NeuroScouting has pinpointed neural systems which are directly linked with elite athletic performance.  With this supporting data, NeuroScouting's analytics are able to assist professional level sports teams in making informed decisions about potential drafting or signing prospects and young players. Of course, NeuroScouting is just one piece of a very complex puzzle when it comes to discovering the next star athlete given the multi dimensional physical and psychological abilities required for success.  However,  this new cutting-edge class of neuroscience-based analytics allows clients to gain a significant advantage through an objective snapshot of the inner workings of the brain of these athletes.






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NeuroScouting's work is at the intersection of Neuroscience and Computer Science to develop video games and other associated technologies for healthcare and specialized applications, including elite athletic performance.


NeuroScouting is a small, but growing, team that allows employees to have a broad impact across all the stages of design, development, and deployment of its growing platform. In this versatile environment, each member of the team will often fill multiple roles to cover different aspects of the development process.  Working in a tight knit group facilitates a more collaborative and collectively creative design style.  


NeuroScouting's main office is located in Somerville, MA.

NeuroScouting supports workplace diversity and does not discriminate in employment matters on the basis of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin, age, military service eligibility, veteran status, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, or any other protected class.


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